double down

The long standing Government mindset is that if something failed it’s because it wasn’t done big enough the fist time. The bailouts failed during the 1920’s so since it worked out so well then they do the exact same thing but on a mind blowing scale.

Prohibition failed  when focused on a single substance so the obvious path is to launch a global war on drugs and brand pot dealers as terrorist.The war on drugs and the war on “terror”(wmd in Iraq yes?) are both wars on civil liberties.  For now you laugh at the drug dealers and dissidents being carted off in unmarket cars but one day it’s going to be you as well. Enjoy your latte

“I suppose this “old law-enforcement culture” is the one where the Bill of Rights was considered an important part of our freedom. That is what Ashcroft now considers “no longer relevant.””

Link is a fishy news source and I apologise. He has a link to the pdf file if you have a few hours to waste. Or you know just watch the  youtube video


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